2019 product lineup

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512 touch keyboard

Meet the new Transient drum module...
Create traditional and modern drum voices, or transform entire beats, faster than you can say...Ooh SNAP!
Check out the Transient Demo videos on our YouTube channel.

512 touch keyboard

Introducing the new gold edition 512 touch keyboard.

The 512 can act as a keyboard, arpeggiator, sequencer, MIDI to CV converter, and MIDI to MIDI converter. The 512 can control both MIDI and CV/Gate synthesizers simultaneously. Pitch, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Gate, Velocity, Aftertouch, and Clock are all available in both their MIDI and CV form. CV's follow the 1V/Oct standard with positive polarity Gate signals, allowing the 512 to control the majority of analog synthesizers both past and present. The 512's CV output is adjustable providing a range of .47V/Oct to 1.34V/Oct. This then allows you to control various CV standards such as the 1.2V/Oct synthesizers used in Buchla and EML brands as well, and EMS too.

Visit the 512 product page to learn more about all the powerful one-of-a-kind features this unit has to offer.
Be sure to check out the 512 Demo and Tutorial videos on our Youtube channel.

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