Introducing the new gold edition 512 touch keyboard.

The 512 can act as a keyboard, arpeggiator, sequencer, MIDI to CV converter, and MIDI to MIDI converter. The 512 can control both MIDI and CV/Gate synthesizers simultaneously. Pitch, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Gate, Velocity, Aftertouch, and Clock are all available in both their MIDI and CV form. CV's follow the 1V/Oct standard with positive polarity Gate signals, allowing the 512 to control the majority of analog synthesizers both past and present. The 512's CV output is adjustable providing a range of .47V/Oct to 1.34V/Oct. This then allows you to control various CV standards such as the 1.2V/Oct synthesizers used in Buchla and EML brands as well, and EMS too.

Visit the 512 product page to learn more about all the powerful one-of-a-kind features this unit has to offer.

512 touch keyboard

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