The db is the nexus for the modern recording environment. Connect mics, instruments, audio interfaces, hardware processors, and monitors to the db for transparent routing and monitoring of all your audio. This multifunctional device can be used for tracking, summing, and mastering of your audio tracks, as well as full control of your monitoring system.

All inputs and outputs are fully balanced, and internal signal routing is 99 percent balanced for the lowest possible noise.

16 channels of fully-balanced passive summing is provided by precision resistors hand matched to 0.1 percent. Channels 1-8 can be switched in pairs between stereo and mono operation using dedicated front panel switches, while channels 9-16 are stereo. Passive summing gives you the freedom to choose the ideal preamp for desired accuracy or color, or audition multiple preamps on the insert buss to achieve the perfect tone for any job whether tracking, summing, or mastering.

The db provides 8 stereo insert channels with hard bypass switching, allowing for instant auditioning of your favorite hardware processors without the hassles of traditional patchbays. All internal switching is handled by high-voltage relays, providing a color-free/noise-free audio path, with outstanding headroom. Front panel switches are long-life high-grade illuminated type, providing visual feedback of all active functions, and can be user-labeled to clearly represent all your connected hardware.

Mid/side processing allows you to manually control the stereo width of your mixes or process the mid/side signals independently with any hardware processor connected to insert buss 3.

Parallel processing is provided on the insert buss allowing you to take audio present at the output of insert 2 and mix it with the audio input of insert 8. With this arrangement you can use up to two different stereo preamps on insert 1 and 2, have parallel processing on inserts 3-7, and use a compressor or limiter on insert 8 to achieve maximum levels before your audio interface. The Mix switch in the buss allows you to quickly turn on/off parallel processing and/or provide a quick way to A/B the pre/post signals of the buss.

The db provides latency-free monitoring of the instrument or mic that you are tracking, versus backing tracks playing in your DAW.

Track control provides independent monitor level control for microphones or the instrument that you are tracking, while playback levels from your DAW remain constant.

The monitor section allows you to check your mixes on any combination of three stereo monitor pairs, as well as headphones. Mixes can be auditioned as stereo or mono audio as well.

Monitoring output control is stepped to provide quick selection of ideal mixing levels, encouraging you to mix at constant levels and improve the overall balance of your music.

Delayed monitor activation at power on/off prevents transients from harming your monitors.

The db's input voltage can easily be switched between 115V and 230V for use in most countries.

High-quality components are used throughout the db's circuits including all 1 percent or better precision resistors, custom sealed metal-shaft pots with conductive plastic elements, high-voltage relays, gold XLR, and industry-standard DB-25 connectors.

Each db is hand-assembled and soldered in-house, right here in the USA, to assure the highest standard in quality.

Have a special requirement? We offer several custom modifications for this unit to help customers meet their unique needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.