VECTRA Firmware 2.0 upgrade (USA Customers only)

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Vectra FIrmware 2.0 is available through this portal. The upgrade is free but we are charging a $50 return shipping and handling fee. This upgrade can ONLY be accomplished by returning your unit to us. Units must be completely broken down to access chip, upload firmware, and complete any modifications that your original Vectra may be missing. The is absolutely no way around this.

People outside of the USA should contact us through email to inquire on return shipping rates for your country: [email protected]

Firmware 2.0 features the following.


  • Randomization over sequencer parameters.
  • Reset to step 1 of sequencer.
  • Midi cc control over sequencer parameters.
  • Midi cc in and out of joysticks.
  • Sequencer parameter improvement for more convenient usage of features during live performance including keyboard enhancements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Eliminates crash when receiving midi data during preset change.
  • All 16 midi channels now sending and receiving.
  • Fixes crashes on sequencer edit page when using for long periods of time.

Your Vectra unit needs to be shipped to:

Futureretro, LLC

7528 Reedy Creek Road

Bristol VA, 24202

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