Analogue and Digital Synthesizers.
Unique tools for unique musicians.

Future-Retro is a unique, design, engineering, and manufacturing company specializing in  synthesizers, sequencers, touch pad keyboards, recording gear and much more for the foreward thinking musician.

Born in 1997 with  Jered Flickinger’s handwired and fiberglass chassis, 777 synthesizer prototype, FurtureRetro would go on to produce nearly 700 of these highly regarded and valued unique instruments. In addition to the 777, Jered produced many other high quality and specialized products under the Future-Retro name over his 25 year control of the niche, yet firmly estblished company. From design, to engineering, circuitboard manufacturing, paint, assembly & marketing. Jered did it all. A testament to his genius and dedication is not only the products he built but also the relations he built in the music industry. 

Artists such as: Skylab2000, Uberzone, The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Jason Nevins, Air Liquide, Alex Gopher, Richie Hawtin, Aphex Twin, BT, The Juan MacLean, Terra Firma/Union Jack, Nortec Collective, Atomic Babies, Electric Skychurch, and many others have been adopters of FutureRetro products. The signature sounds of these products is heard across electronic music produced over the past 25 years. 


In mid 2022, it was announced that FutureRetro would be closing their doors after a very long run fueled almost entirely by Jered’s singular genius and dedication . Quickly following, a small group of synthesizer entheusiasts, engineers, musicians, and interested individuals, purchased and moved the company  to the beautiful rolling hills and pastures of Abingdon VA. With the intent of carrying on the legacy of the company in a manner reflective of the passion, design, and artistic branding Jered had put into it, FutureRetro will be re-releasing and redesigning previous FR products while looking to the future with completely new products, many currently ready for production. 

It should be noted that while Jered is no longer involved in the day to day business at FR, his continued involvement in design and consultation is seen by new ownership to be imperritave to the success of the company as we move forward, and his desire and agreeability to remain connected to FutureRetro is welcomed with a great deal of excitement and gratitude. We look forward to what can happen with a TEAM dedicated to the FutureRetro name and respectful of the FutureRetro brand and styling. 

New Vectra Synthesizers, of which only 90 previously shipped, due to Covid, will begin shipping to dealers in December of 2022. Customers and interested dealers can contact us for details.