Analogue and Digital Synthesizers.
Unique tools for unique musicians.

Future Retro's first product: The classic 777.

Future-Retro is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company specializing in unique synthesizers, sequencers, touch pad keyboards, recording gear, and much more for the foreward thinking musician.

Born in 1997 with the 777 synthesizer prototype, Furtureretro would quickly establish itself, on the reputation of this performance driven, TB-303 emulator, as a provider of unique products for unique musicians across many music genres.

Artists such as: Skylab2000, Uberzone, The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, KMFDM, Nine Inch Nails, Jason Nevins, Air Liquide, Alex Gopher, Richie Hawtin, Aphex Twin, BT, The Juan MacLean, Terra Firma/Union Jack, Nortec Collective, Atomic Babies, Electric Skychurch, and many others have been adopters of FutureRetro products. The signature sounds of these products is heard across music produced over the past 25 years.




Closing briefly in 2022, Futureretro was moved from Austin TX to Abingdon/Bristol VA late that same year and is now producing Vectra synthesizers, reissuing the legendary 777, and introducing new products soon to appear here. 

Please view our current Fall/Winter brochure. Click image for larger version.

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