Prototyping for Knobcon

It’s been a while since posting on social media but we wanted to pique your interest and let you all know, we’ve been quite busy. Lots of prototyping, reverse engineering, extracting, re-arranging, gathering info, etc…

Going through the Future Retro parts inventory has revealed some really interesting finds as well.

We are very excited for this year and while we really wanted to have product sooner, taking on the task of Future Retro and doing it right takes a lot of hard work and dedication and we want to make sure we’re on par with previous performance and releases. We will have quite a few announcements leading up to Knobcon but for now we are keeping everything close to the vest.

Also, our contact page on our website is fully operational. If you want to sign up, fill out the form and submit. We’ll put you on the list for important news about upcoming future products so you’ll be the first to know. We don’t sell our contact lists and we don’t fill your inbox with garbage!


A little teaser photo of Future Retro style breadboarding…

What is it you ask? With patience and time all will be revealed.

Updated triangle logo